Songs for the household of God



Throughout the history of The Crowded House, we’ve written congregational songs in response to the truths we enjoy. For a long time, we have wanted to make them available to a wider audience, to pass on songs which have blessed us.


Dust to life

Dust To Life is an album of twelve original TCH songs we’ve enjoyed singing congregationally over the years. We hope these songs will bless God’s people, helping them celebrate their shared life in Christ.

Music and more is available on the Dust to Life website, linked below:

songs from the crowded house

In 2014 we converted our Sheffield church building into a makeshift studio and recorded five songs. We were joined by Michael Bleecker, worship pastor of the Village Church Dallas, for 3 days of rehearsing and recording. The whole experience was a delight, something we hope will be evident in our EP.


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