If you are a student moving to Loughborough, we want to encourage you to get involved in a local church. It is so important to be part of a family of believers – especially as you experience and live through all the opportunities and challenges that university life can present.

We would love to be the church that supports and disciples you through all of this; loving and equipping you with God’s word for discipleship and evangelism.


If you are interested in visiting us, do come along to our Gathering on a Sunday afternoon and test out our welcome – we desire to welcome people as God welcomes us – join us as we hear God’s word preached, as we sing his praises and as we are encouraged to live as God’s children throughout the week.

There are various ways that you can get involved with the things we do at The Crowded House.

If you would like to come along, or need more information please email us or call on 0751 544 3123